Volunteering in Ecuador's Cloud Forest

Volunteering at La Hesperia is a unique opportunity to learn about sustainable living while supporting vital conservation and social work in the cloud forest of Ecuador. La Hesperia strives to be a model of sustainability, and with over 10 years of experience hosting international volunteers, we have a proven track record in ensuring that volunteers contribute directly to our work and also have a fun and educational experience.

Therefore, your experience will not only help us achieve our goals and contribute to the conservation of the environment, you will also develop new skills and learn about organic agriculture, alternative animal production, bio-food production, forestry, sustainable wood production, eco-construction, and alternative energy. You will also have the opportunity to improve your Spanish speaking ability and meet a lot of great people!

In addition to the work being done at La Hesperia, we have a variety of weekly activities to contribute to the educational experience by increasing your knowledge on topics associated with the cloud forest and sustainable living. These activities include:

• Monday – learn about and make various products from elements of the reserve such as cheese, coffee, bread, and cleaning disinfectants

• Tuesday – discussion on various topics associated with Ecuador and the cloud forest such as Common Plants of the Cloud Forest, Indigenous Groups, Ecuadorian Economy and Politics.

• Wednesday – participate in a long-time tradition at La Hesperia; a friendly game of football with the staff and other volunteers.

• Every other Friday – an educational hike within the reserve.

We also offer Spanish classes for those wishing to learn/improve their Spanish language skills.

Please visit our Testimonials page to see what experiences previous volunteers have had at La Hesperia.

Additional Information

Download our full Volunteer Packet.

The application form can be accessed through our sister organization, Tangare Foundation.

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For more information and questions about applying please contact us.