Sustainable Tourism

In only two hours from Quito, you can find La Hesperia Reserva Natural, in the occidental extensions of the Andes. This magical place, with an area of 800 hectares of cloud forest, is intended for sustainable agriculture and wildlife and biodiversity protection.  La Hesperia serves as much as a model of integrated and sustainable handling of resources as it does as a paradise of natural beauty. A space as beautiful as La Hesperia has the ability to invoke inspiration and awe in those who have the opportunity to experience its wonders.

The people who work and volunteer at La Hesperia are devoted to maintaining an ecologically sound and economically viable land and natural resources management model. La Hesperia belongs to two of the most important bio-regions in the globe: “Chocó Darien” and “Tropical Andes”. Here, we can find three kinds of forests in which 293 bird species have been identified, as well as 40 mammal species, 63 types of butterflies, and more than 2,000 plant species.

The birds, butterflies, and lush cloud forest here are simply unforgettable. Among the adventures that will stay in the memories of the visitors are trekking to La Cuchilla, careening down the natural water slide, camping at the enormous ceibo tree, rappelling down the waterfalls, watching the beautiful sunsets, or simply enjoying a cup of hot chocolate made with milk and cacao produced right here at the reserve.

The spirit of La Hesperia is organic, rustic, refreshing, clean, and informal. It is not a hotel and it never will be. The reserve receives open-minded visitors who want to experience the principles of conservation and sustainability first-hand in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Such visitors will see that La Hesperia is much more than just a conservation project. The aromas of freshly toasted coffee and chocolate, the warmth of homemade bread just out of the oven, and the sound of genial laughter ringing throughout the hacienda are just a few of the many memorable aspects of La Hesperia that give it a personal touch unique not only to Ecuador but to the world.


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