Traveling-Volunteering-Learning (TVL) Program

La Hesperia's TVL program provides an opportunity to learn and experience conservation efforts and sustainable development first-hand. The two-week program also enables participants to experience the beautiful ecology of the cloud forest.

The program includes observing wildlife, volunteering in conservation projects, hiking, and gaining knowledge about the forest and the importance of conservation. Furthermore, you will be able to experience part of the culture and traditions of Ecuador by visiting an indigenous community. Contact us for more details.

Below is a list of the activities carried out during your 2 week stay.

Week 1

  • A scenic hike through the cloud forest with a guide
  • A hands-on lecture about the reserve's reforestation work
  • Machete Lesson
  • Chocolate-making workshop
  • A visit to the indigenous Tsáchila community

Week 2

  • Eco-construction Workshop
  • Bird watching
  • Learn about sustainable gardening
  • Prepare bio-food like coffee, cheese, etc.
  • Camping in the cloud forest