Educational Programs

We offer different educational programs for national and international schools or universities depending on the duration of the stay (1-4 days with accommodations and meals). The program serves to teach people about Ecuador’s ecosystems and their conservation, sustainable living, and reforestation. All of our activities are executed with a hands-on approach that encourages the active engagement of children and young adults alike and provides them with a memorable experience. We design customized programs that consist of:

  • Explanatory hikes
  • Adventure hikes (waterfall, waterslide)
  • Agro-tours (e.g., milking cows, milling sugar cane, planting/harvesting in veggie garden)
  • Ecological footprint activities
  • Making coffee and/or chocolate
  • Nocturnal hikes (to observe and learn about nocturnal insects and mammals)
  • Making homemade pasta, bread, or cookies
  • Reforestation
  • Educational and sporting games
  • Informative talks (e.g. about Ecuador’s ecosystems, history, economy, native groups)
  • Eco-construction workshops
  • Camping
  • Bonfires

Please contact us for more information.

We have hosted students from several institutions, organizations, and universities such as:


Fundación Tangaré  / Save the Rain Forest Foundation / Corporación Nacional de Bosques y Reservas Privadas del Ecuador / Colegio Binacional La Condamine / Academia Cotopaxi /Liceo Campo Verde/ Colegio Rincón del Saber / British School / Liceo Internacional / Liceo del Valle/ Universidad San Francisco de Quito / Boston University (USA)/ University of Wisconsin (USA) / School for International Training (USA) / River fall Valley School (USA), Earth Restoration Service (UK) / Universidad Tecnica Equinoccial / Colegio Benalcazar