We believe education is a vital component of sustainable development and environmental conservation. Therefore, we have created the following educational programs: 

Educational Program

Travelling-Volunteering-Learning Program

La Hesperia Cloud Forest School


We offer different educational programs for national and international schools or universities depending on the duration of the stay (1-4 days with accommodations and meals). The program serves to teach people about Ecuador’s ecosystems and their conservation, sustainable living, and reforestation. All of our activities are executed with a hands-on approach that encourages the active engagement of children and young adults alike and provides them with a memorable experience. We design customized programs that consist of:

  • Explanatory hikes
  • Adventure hikes (waterfall, waterslide)
  • Agro-tours (e.g., milking cows, milling sugar cane, planting/harvesting in veggie garden)
  • Ecological footprint activities
  • Making coffee and/or chocolate
  • Nocturnal hikes (to observe and learn about nocturnal insects and mammals)
  • Making homemade pasta, bread, or cookies
  • Reforestation
  • Educational and sporting games
  • Informative talks (e.g. about Ecuador’s ecosystems, history, economy, native groups)
  • Eco-construction workshops
  • Camping
  • Bonfires

Please contact us for more information.

We have hosted students from several institutions, organizations, and universities such as:

Fundación Tangaré  / Save the Rain Forest Foundation / Corporación Nacional de Bosques y Reservas Privadas del Ecuador / Colegio Binacional La Condamine / Academia Cotopaxi /Liceo Campo Verde/ Colegio Rincón del Saber / British School / Liceo Internacional / Liceo del Valle/ Universidad San Francisco de Quito / Boston University (USA)/ University of Wisconsin (USA) / School for International Training (USA) / River fall Valley School (USA), Earth Restoration Service (UK) / Universidad Tecnica Equinoccial / Colegio Benalcazar

Traveling Volunteering Learning (TVL) Program

La Hesperia's TVL program provides an opportunity to learn and experience conservation efforts and sustainable development first-hand. The two-week program also enables participants to experience the beautiful ecology and wildlife of the cloud forest.

The program includes observing wildlife, volunteering in conservation projects, hiking and gaining knowledge about the forest and the importance of conservation. Furthermore, you will be able to experience the culture and traditions of Ecuador by visiting an indigenous community. Read more


La Hesperia Cloud Forest School

Regardless of social status or geographical location, every child from any familiy deserves the right to have access to quality education. Therefore, we felt the need to create a primary school at the reserve. The La Hesperia School opened its doors in May 2010 and was in operation until February of 2014, when unfortunately, it had to close due to changes in the country’s educational laws. The school served children aged 3 - 8 with the aim to continue with the school until the age of 12 years old. The school was part of the RED ERA (Alternative Rural Education Network). Read more