If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the application form provided beneath the main “Contact” tab on the left panel.

Privacy  and Data Policy

La Hesperia Natural Reserve is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
La Hesperia Natural Reserve may hold your personal information and any other information deemed necessary for the running of our volunteer program. This may include, but is not limited to contact information, dietary requirements, gender, passport details, medical history and criminal background information. Where possible, we will endeavour to keep this information as up to date and accurate as possible. All personal data will be deleted (with the exception of your name, email address and nationality) within 1 year of your volunteer program finishing. Please contact us earlier if you wish the data to be deleted before this.

During your interaction with La Hesperia we may share part of this information with our staff, and where applicable and reasonable (with your consent), other volunteers. Volunteers’ data may also need to leave the EU in order to arrange your volunteer placement abroad.

Should you wish access to the information held about you in our database (hard copy) or if you wish to remove any of the data held, please email us

By no means will this information be used for third party marketing purposes. All information is kept strictly confidential. All data is used only for the purposes of arranging your volunteer placement abroad, and will be deleted (with the exception of your name, email address and country of residence) within 1 year of your volunteer project abroad finishing.


Contact: Alexandra Hoeneisen,

Cellular phone: 099 957 8369

Address: km 58 vía Aloag – Santo Domingo

            Parroquia Manuel Cornejo Astorga- Mejía

If you are calling from other countries, please dial “593 2” before the number or “593 9” if you are calling to a cell phone.